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The Curse Of Perfection

The perfect Image

I have always been a victim of the curse of perfection. Always seemed to believe that there is one perfect way to do things and always thrived to gain the same. In a strange twist of events this would invariably lead to failure in the task or inefficiency and increased failing learning curve.

The story begins with an avergae school going boy who was learning a language (Hindi), which has some phonetic sounds for

the "i" The perfect Image and "ee" The perfect Image The teacher deviced a technique to let the children know between the two similar sounding forms of the "matras" by explicit pronounciation. Now the boy decides that this is wrong. You are supposed to do it the proper way. He chose to ignore the hints the teacher gave, as it didn't seem to be fair. That was not the correct way !! The child was inevitably categorised as a poor listener because he decided to ignore the cue/hint teacher was providing.

Computers and programs always intrigued the kid. He loved the magic of disjointed english words producing results. He exactly knew what he wanted the computer to do, he knew the logic in his mind. Now again the mind has to play the trick, a program CANNOT be that simple !! One does not simple say

if this
    then do this
    do this

Alas! That's how things are !! He made peace with the fact and moved on !!

The guy went to colege and attended lectures by some of the best professors. The problem was that the professor was asking people to understand concepts and just rot the definitions. Rot the theorem proofs. Just vomit the things they "learnt". The protagonist refuses to do so !! He tries his best to not just rot the definitions and formulas and theorem proofs. History repeats itself, he does not manage to do well here. Infact fails miserably. One fine day, at the end of the course the professor finally says it

"You start with memorising the definitions, theorems, proofs. Once you do that, one fine day you will connect the dots and understand it fully !!"

Life came in full circle. I now could see a lot of connecting dots. I have a code, it needs a solution. I can either do a dirty hack at the moment and work on a better solution, saving reputations, timelines, finances and blah blah blah or I could just fight to make it work THE CORRECT WAY !! The curse of perfection !!

p.s. A friend tweeted this few days ago ;)

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